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Funny Dogs & Puppies

In this section, we feature the funnest dog and puppy videos we could find. From big German Shepars to small Yorkies, you'll find videos of all breeds of dogs.

All of our dog and puppy videos are hand picked. We spent hours weeding through pointless compilation videos to bring you only the best videos of Snowball & Fido.

Be sure to come back again as we add new videos every week!

  • Dog Pushes Cat on Scooter

    Funny Dog Pushes Cat on Scooter

    Watch as this highly trained pooch pushes his favorite feline friend on the family scooter in this funny dog video. Now that's a dog trick!

    Views: 10,556 Category: Funny Dogs
  • Puppy Wipes Feet

    Cute Puppy Wipes Feet

    In this cute dog video, we see a dog with such good manners. After he comes in from outdoor playtime, he politely wipes his feet to make sure he does not track any dirt into the house!

    Views: 18,460 Category: Funny Dogs
  • Funny Sneezing Dog

    Funny Sneezing Dog

    In this funny dog video, watch as this canine cannot stop sneezing for the life of him!

    Views: 9,750 Category: Funny Dogs
  • Dog Uses Chair to Steal Food

    Dog Uses Chair to Steal Food

    A cleaver dog finds a way to steal food off the counter when his owner isn't looking.

    Views: 8,515 Category: Funny Dogs
  • Funny Volleyball Dog

    Talented Dog Playing Volleyball

    This has to be one of the most talented dogs in the world. Check out how many times in a row this funny dog can keep bumping up the ball.

    Views: 4,914 Category: Funny Dogs
  • Worlds Most Tenacious Dog

    World's Most Tenacious Dog

    By far the world's most tenacious dog and this funny dog refuses to go outside unless if his stuffed animal can go with him.

    Views: 7,098 Category: Funny Dogs
  • Cute Puppy Barks at Himself in Mirror

    Puppy Barking At Mirror

    A poor little cute puppy barks at himself in the mirror in this funny dog video. This is too cute!

    Views: 8,086 Category: Funny Dogs
  • Husky Halloween Costume

    Husky Halloween Costume

    This Husky sure knows how to dress up for Halloween!

    Views: 6,955 Category: Funny Dogs
  • Excited For A Walk

    Excited To Go For A Walk

    Put this dog into the the world's top 5 most excited dogs when it's about time to go on a walk!

    Views: 5,655 Category: Funny Dogs
  • Yorkies Playing

    Cute Yorkies Playing

    Watch these two cute and adorable Yorkies play tug of war with one another. That little puppy sure can hold his own.

    Views: 6,201 Category: Funny Dogs